We are created illustrations for predictions for 
the horoscope on 2021 for The Flacon Magazine.
This is my first creative project for magazine 🔥 It was so hard and very fast. 1 day and 24 different pictures. I love my team!
for: @flacon_magazine

photo&conepts: @vasiliy_shvetsov
gaffer & assistant: @aleksandr.los

producer: @ari_volfson
assistant producer: @okolorave
project manager: @dariaepine

makeup artist: @sistercarrycom
set designer & props: @tall_jpg
assistant set designer: @anastasia_perevor

stylist: @uknowiamreal
assistant style: @tomazinka@sanya_pomond

models: @saryuna_tss@briianey@polina_1769@psevernaya@neopsina

backstage photo/video: @juless.joy
location: @apollo_studios
special thanks to @glashagurianova
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