The Whoa Principle.

I studied my approach too little, it’s bad to feel my style to manifest it represent. However, I am ready to share my basic principle, which follows from my childhood and accompanies me all my life.

Get a new experience, including a visual one, from meeting things familiar to you, but from a different point of view of the object. Perception, acceptance, interaction.

Yes, just like in the movie "The Matrix". Neo says "Whoa" as he watches Morpheus jump from one building to another, far apart from each other. The same thing happened to me when I saw my first film at the Lord of the Rings cinema. I have already seen all this on cassettes of various films. Let me remind you that I am from the small town of Sosnogorsk, with a population of 30 thousand people. Going to the cinema was an big event for me, not an ordinary one.

Actually, this is my basic principle. So that after the shooting I can say to myself: "Wow! This is how I made an advertisement for contact lenses now ?!".
my art work for: @alcon.contactlenses 

photo & creative: @vasiliy_shvetsov 
assistant & gaffer:

producer: @kolyakor 

model: varya @vertvarya | @open_up_models
Zoya | @oldushkamodels
Nikita | @boldyrev.21 – @fp_model_agency

hair team: @ivan_ivanov_igorevi4 & @marya_sova

stylist: @x_nikitina
style assistant: @alexandraspatar

makeup artist: @sistercarrycom 
makeup assistant: @krasnikova_makeup

set designer & props: @tall_jpg
assistant set designer: @anastasia_perevor

big eye: @roga_na_noge & @axel_blacksmith 

location: @apollo_studios
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