Our project, which continues to show what new communication is in smm. With the help of this project, we were able to increase feedback from customers, feedback appeared under each picture. Each client now knows for sure that it is necessary to access the connection, and all wishes and complaints will be processed.

Client: ForteBank @iamfortekz

Marketing Director: Anton Kim
Senior Marketing Direction Expert: @nurzhannm

Agency: @kombinat.agency
Creative Director: @yermolayev_kz
Copywriter: Rassul Abidov
SMM Manager: Rassul Abidov 
Producer: @lena_dmitrieva

Concepts/Art director/Photo: @vasiliy_shvetsov
Stylist: @astor_a
Makeup artist: @missveradushina
Hair stylist: @hristina_circe
Models: @prots__, Bogdan Kurmanov, Diana Volkhovskaya, Taisiya Samoilova, Vika Abramova
Gafer: Mikhail Chanov
Special prop: @timaktaev
Videо: @appleryaskov
Studio: @fotofabrikakz

Assistant Producer: @___moonberry___
Assistant Photographer: @odu_vanchik
Assistant Stylist: @daniyarkibayev
Assistants Prod: Taisia Samoilova, Luiza Sim
Assistants Site: Diana Korchevskaya, Rassul Abidov

Special thanks: 
Zulfiya Chertykova and «Dushes» restaurant team
Baurzhan Turganbekuly and «Pech» restaurant team
Ravil Yaskayev and «Burger King» fast food
restaurants chain

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